Investing to build a stronger,
greener UK economy

The UK Green Investment Bank's purpose is to accelerate the UK’s transition to a greener, stronger economy.

The UK Green Investment Bank was created by the UK Government, our sole Shareholder, who have provided us with initial capital to invest. We use this to back green projects, on commercial terms, across the UK and mobilise other private sector capital into the UK’s green economy. Our investments help fund the creation of new, modern, green  infrastructure across the UK. We have invested in every part of the UK and across all our target sectors - energy efficiency, waste and bioenergy, offshore wind, and onshore renewables, backing large projects with a capital expenditure of more than £1bn and small projects of £2m. We have set up five funds to specifically target smaller green projects.

We are playing an important role. Investment levels in the UK’s green economy remain well below what’s required. We are taking on the more difficult infrastructure projects, de-risking new sectors and helping to lower the cost of capital for green projects. We are financing the modernisation of the UK’s energy and waste sectors while backing smaller, innovative initiatives.